Survival tools for family gatherings: 7 essential apps for the Easter break

With the long Easter weekend comes many a family gathering. Some of you might skip blithely off to Easter egg hunts, scattering Mini Eggs as a trail of baby chicks follows you. But some of you will be a bit less keen for the full family event.

If you’re dreading the hoardes of nieces and nephews hopped up on sugar, or not sure that you can face a repeat of your uncle parading his new girlfriend to all and sundry,  here are a few essential apps to help you survive the family gathering.
If you’re the one hosting, keep track of the lead-up to Easter and the day itself with a handy to-do list app. Even better, you can share your lists with other people so that they can help out, and you won’t be stuck catering for four different dietary requirements on your own.

Available for free on Android and iOS.


It’s like Cash in the Attic for your phone. If you’re going to be stuck in Great Aunt Marge’s house for Sunday dinner, you might as well see if all the stuff she’s hoarded is worth anything. Quite a good laugh, especially if anything turns out to be surprisingly valuable.
Free on Android and iOS.


Whether you’re hosting and you want to keep things stress-free, or you want to keep Mum from spending two days in the kitchen, order through Deliveroo. They’ll bring food from your favourite local restaurants in an average of 30 minutes, and you’re guaranteed to keep everyone happy if they’re choosing their own dishes, aren’t you? Genius.

Available on Android and iOS for free.


HeadsUpHeads Up!
Family-friendly game a bit like Charades. Even Grandad will be game after a few, and it’s an excellent suggestion to steer the family towards when Uncle Jim gets talking about politics.

Get it on iOS and Android for free.


funkypigeonFunky Pigeon
The best defence is a good offense. If you’re guilty of not keeping in touch with family throughout the year, get in their good books by sending thoughtful Easter cards before you see them – Funky Pigeon lets you write and send personalised cards in the post.
Available for free on Android and iOS.


HiddenEggHuntHidden Egg Hunt
Keep the little ones occupied with a virtual Easter egg hunt – and enjoy the bonus of not having to stand in the cold whilst they dig around in the shrubbery for Crème Eggs. There’s also a number of apps that let you design or paint your own Easter eggs, if they need a bit more to do.
Free on both Android and iOS.


Help everyone relax by offering to make a round of a favourite drink, or whip up something unusual, by searching Mixology’s thousands of recipes with what you have in the cupboard. It’s great for getting everyone involved with muddling some mojitos, or rewarding yourself with a fancy cocktail at the end of an awkward conversation about your prospects.
Available for free on iOS and Android.

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Chris Price