13 of the best apps for the Apple Watch: Yelp, Do Button, Instagram

As soon as you’ve got your hands on your new Apple Watch, you’ll want to set up all the basics, like syncing it with your iPhone. But after that, you can get on with the fun stuff: customising it and adding the apps you want/need. Developers have been busy making and re-working apps for the new device, from health tracking apps to social media essentials to specially designed games. But what should you download first? Here are our 13 of our favourite apps for the Apple Watch to get you started…


Apple Watch apps: Yelp.


Check out nearby bars, restaurants and other businesses and find out exactly how far you’ll have to travel to get there from your current location, all without having to pull your phone out of your pocket.


Apple Watch apps: IFTTT.

Do Button and Do Note

OK, technically these are two apps, but they’re both from IFTTT and both have the potential to seriously expand your watch’s functionality. Tell them what you want to control from the app – from turning your thermostat to a specific temperature to posting a photo on Facebook – and from then on you’ll then be able to do those actions with just one tap.


Apple Watch apps: Shazam.


A quick tap will let you know what song is playing, just like the phone version of the app does –but without having to rummage around in your bag first. Handy.


Apple Watch apps: Instagram.

I mean, duh. A stripped-back version of everyone’s favourite selfie/online spying app, it lets you scroll through your feed (without having to squint) and tap on individual photos for more info, to Like, or to comment in emoji.


Apple Watch apps: Lifesum.


One of the first health apps designed for the Apple Watch, Lifesum lets you track your calorie and water intake and activity levels, and will offer insights and suggestions to keep you motivated to meet your goals.


Apple Watch apps: Twitterific.


Access Twitter from your watch, turning your wrist to track your faves and RTs. When you want to compose a tweet, this app can do that too, thanks to the iWatch’s Force Touch function and voice command.


Apple Watch apps: Top10.

Top 10

Instantly find out the ten best hotels wherever you are (based on location and price) and take a look at photos of each. If you like what you see, you can then bookmark them or easily transfer to your iPhone to make a booking.

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Diane Shipley


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  • I like how all these apps for the Apple watch are extremely straight forward and simplistic. It provides a platform for easy access to social media and a variety of other features.

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