Tesco Mobile set to take the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to space

Tesco Mobile are promoting this tweet on Twitter:

It’s not terribly subtle, so we’re going to assume they’re taking the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge up to the edge of space (ie. the stratosphere, where Felix Baumgartner jumped for Red Bull and a Google exec followed) and… what? Dropping them from a space balloon? Hopefully filming all the way, although they might want to add a parachute if they’d like to avoid the spinny, trippy nightmare that the GoPro dropped while skydiving recently produced!

While ‘X goes to space’ feels like it’s been done quite a few times, the campaign does make sense with the ‘Galaxy S6 Edge’ name, so we’ll give it a pass. We don’t have any more details about the #S6EdgeOfSpace project at the moment, but we’ll update you when we do – here’s hoping it’s something really cool.

Holly Brockwell