Chip off the old block. Native Union offers luxury marble iPhone 6 cases

Is this the craziest iPhone case ever? We’re used to kitchen floors, work surfaces and walls being made out of marble but iPhone cases, that’s something else. Called the CLIC Marble, it is apparently the first iPhone 6 case cut from real marble.

Designed by Native Union who are known for their luxury products, it is made out of a slice of marble as thin as a credit card and is shatter resistant. Says John Brunner, co-founder of Native Union: “We’re always looking for innovative ways to incorporate premium natural materials into our products. CLIC Marble takes one of the most revered materials in history and uses it in a new and pioneering way.”

He continues: “When you’re faced with endless amounts of plastic, it’s refreshing to handle something as refined and luxurious as marble.”

Each individual piece of stone is carefully sliced from a solid slab of white or black marble before being hand polished to a smooth and luxurious finish.  The stone is then laminated onto a fibreglass layer to give it a degree of flexibility, before being fitted into polycarbonate housing

CLIC Marble is available for iPhone 6 in two luxurious finishes: white marble with white gloss housing, or black marble with black matt housing. The price of the case is £69.99. For more details see Native Union.

Chris Price