8 weird things you can buy from your favourite tech brands

Did you know some of your favourite tech brands have stores selling weird and baffling official merchandise? You do now. Here’s our pick of the 8 strangest things you can buy directly from your favourite tech brands.

Note: Not all of this stuff is available in the UK, but you can always use MyUS if you really need a YouTube-branded microphone in your life.

[nextpage] 1. Yahoo nail varnish


“YaHOO did your nails, baby?”

Ideal for your next 90s party.

Yahoo! nail varnish, $4.99 from the Yahoo! store

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2. Google lollipop



The listed flavour is Blueberry Sundae, but it probably tastes like missed opportunities.

Google Swirly Pop, £1.96 from the Google Store
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3. YouTube clapperboard and microphone

GYT064_L1_bf0e4985-0c51-43ae-b2df-fb3616508499 GYT060_L1_06001948-fb81-40b6-89ec-f39d98d4e562 (1)

Give your next anti-Apple rant that professional YouTube feel with these classy accessories.

Microphone, £19.70 and clapperboard, £12.31 from the Google Store
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4. Internet pin
Like everything in the Tumblr store, this pin supports Net Neutrality. But don’t blame us if people assume you’re just really, really sad.

Internet pin, $8 from the Tumblr store.

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5. Yahoo! Yodel button


Do you like annoying things? Do your favourite films star Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn? Do you think brands should have superfluous punctuation in their names?! Then you’re going to love this Yahoo! yodel button.

3D yodel button, $12 from the Yahoo! Store.
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6. A t-shirt featuring Tumblr’s 2015 April fool joke


His name is Coppy. If you buy this t-shirt, we guarantee that at least 3 people on the planet will get the reference.

April Fool’s t-shirt, $26 from the Tumblr store
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7. Android hoodie


Looking like it was cut from my grandma’s ‘avocado’ bath mats, the Android hoodie is a near-miss for Google. It could have been so cool, and yet it looks like that. It’s also sexist: despite it being a pretty unisex design, there’s no men’s version.

Sexist Android hoodie, £16.84 from the Google store
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8. Tumblr varsity sweatshirt


Buy 100 boxes of these. Set up shop outside Urban Outfitters selling them for 3x the price. Retire a millionaire.

Tumblr sweatshirt, $45 from the Tumblr store

Holly Brockwell