We’re a bit taken with these colourful new Filofax Notebooks

I’m a huge Filofax fan. Despite being the most digitally-organised person you could ever hope to come across (I mean, I review phones for a living), for me, nothing beats the satisfaction of pulling out my shiny red Filofax and crossing something off my to-do list. Show me an app that feels half as good!

So I was quite happy to see the new range of super-colourful Filofax Notebooks for Spring. Personally, I would have named these shades Facebook, Twitter and VLC, but that’s because I’m a nerd.


unnamed (1)

They also come in black, fuchsia and red, and are designed to let you put a page back in after you’ve torn it out in haste:

You could use that to reorder the pages too, which is handy.

I’m a sucker for a pretty notebook, and these are more practical than most. Plus, taking notes on your phone in a meeting will never not look rude, whereas writing in your notebook makes you look like you’re paying close attention. Even if you’re just signing “Mrs. Christian Bale” over and over again.

The A5 Filofax Notebook is £12.99 from Filofax.

Holly Brockwell