Vlogger Maddie Moate shares her struggle with Perioral Dermatitis

This morning, tech presenter and vlogger Maddie Moate posted a video that’s a bit different than her usual smiley fare. Starting with clips of an attempt to film on location which saw her burst into tears, it then cuts to her at home. There, make-up free, she explains that the bumpy rash around her mouth is Perioral Dermatitis and that trying to cover it up and appear ‘perfect’ had really stressed her out.

She says she’s nervous about sharing how her face looks without cover-up, but what shines through is how articulate and compassionate she is. And while people do a lot of things that are a lot more dangerous, it’s still pretty brave to share your imperfections so openly, especially on the internet.

Moate hopes it will help other people to feel better about their own issues, saying, ‘We’ve all got our flaws and sometimes they get us down to a point where you don’t feel like you can get on with things. That is normal, and that is all right.’

Diane Shipley