Sunpartner Technologies and Bookeen have announced the world’s first solar powered e-reader #MWC15

Sunpartner Technologies and Bookeen took to Mobile World Congress this week to announce that they’ve joined forces to offer new solar powered e-readers, meaning you’ll never run out of battery right in the middle of the climax of a good book again!

According to Sunpartner, e-readers consume less power than other personal electronic devices and their e-ink technology uses significantly less energy than other displays, like LCD, because they only draw on the battery to load the page, so solar powering them is very efficient.

Ludovic Deblois, CEO of Sunpartner Technologies said: “This new partnership with a French Tech pioneer like Bookeen in the e-reader market demonstrates the practical added value of Wysips® for users of mobile and connected devices.”

Michael Dahan, co-founder and CEO of Bookeen, added: “Our partnership with Sunpartner Technologies combines the creativity of two French companies that deliver real innovation to our customers.”

These e-readers aren’t due to hit the market until 2016, but it does seem like a very exciting innovation.

Hayley Minn