9 of the most stylish women on the internet

Beyoncé, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kim Kardashian… Sure, they each have their own style, and at times, we’ve wanted to emulate all of them. (Kim got away with wearing a sparkly dressing gown to an awards show. She has my eternal admiration.) But when it comes to fashion, it’s often far (FAR) more interesting to see what women without a team of stylists or a budget of millions can come up with, and thanks to blogs, Twitter, and Instagram, we get to peek into their wardrobes for inspiration.

Here are nine of our fave stylish women from the internet…

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Blogger turned designer Dina Torkia.

Dina Torkia

Instagramming as Dina Tokio, she has 398,000 followers (and growing), all keen to see how she’ll pair her hijab with high fashion next. After building her online following while working as a call centre worker, she’s now designing clothes and scarves herself. Impressive.

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Bethany Rutter from the Arched Eyebrow blog.

Bethany Rutter

A writer and DJ based in London, Bethany’s dress sense is always on point – and enhanced by exactly the right lipstick. She blogs about fatshion, life and self-love at Arched Eyebrow, and you can also find her stylish selfies on Instagram and Twitter.

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Gabi Gregg from the Gabi Fresh blog.

Gabi Gregg

Blogging (and tweeting and ‘gramming) as Gabi Fresh, she highlights the most stylish plus-size outfits and rose to fame after inspiring xoJane’s ‘Fatkini’ gallery. Her outfits are always winners but her sunglasses game is especially A+.

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Beauty ed Arabelle Sicardi.

Arabelle Sicardi

Fashion blogger turned BuzzFeed beauty editor, Sicardi’s trademark is her brightly dyed orange hair  – which, as it turns out, goes with pretty much everything, but especially big black-rimmed glasses, leather jackets, and nail art. Beautiful.

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Adi Heyman.

Adi Heyman

If you think that following Orthodox Jewish modesty tenets has to mean looking drab, a couple of seconds on the correctly-named Fabologie will put you right. Adi Heyman (@fabologist on Instagram) runs the style site, and also shows off how effortlessly chic she is on a regular basis.

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Kristina Uriegas-Reyes from the Twee Valley High blog.

Kristina Uriegas-Reyes

Is she really a twenty-first century blogger, or did she beam here straight from the ’60s? Only Kristina knows for sure. But if you’re looking for vintage inspiration (including the perfect eyeliner flick), you should probably check out her blog, Twee Valley High, plus her Twitter and Instagram. Do it.

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Saily from the Style Cocktail blog.

Saily from The Style Cocktail

A self-described social media geek during the week, Mumbai-based author of The Style Cocktail Saily lets her fashion flag fly on the weekends. She works a mix of high glam (who says you can’t wear black in the summer?) and casual outfits (yes, double denim can look great). Plus she loves pizza and cocktails. What’s not to like?

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Judith from the Style Crone blog.

Judith aka: ‘Style Crone’

Just in case you thought that getting older had to mean getting less stylish, Judith from the Style Crone blog shows that being 72 is no barrier to looking good. She loves sleek black, leopard print, vintage looks and amazing hats, and her love of yoga helps her show them off.

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Blogger Denee Marie.

Marie Denee

Denee writes The Curvy Fashionista blog and (there and on Instagram) shares both her own fabulous outfits and what various plus-size brands are doing so that her many thousands of fans can shop for the best clothes for their body type, too.

Diane Shipley