Microsoft’s working on a smart ring that matches your clothes

Owning a whole wardrobe of jewellery to match your various outfits might soon be a thing of the past. Microsoft’s research arm, Microsoft Labs, is working on a range of jewellery that can sense the colour it’s placed on, and turn the same shade.

Called Blush, the range includes brooches and a ring. We gave the ring a try with a brightly-coloured scarf, and it picked up the colours pretty well:

If you’re thinking “but if I put this on my finger, it’s just going to be the colour of my skin all the time”, worry not. It only picks up a colour if you press the sensor button on the bottom first.


Microsoft Blush is only a prototype at the moment (we’d like it to be quite a lot prettier before we’d want to wear it), but it’s a very cool idea. Here’s hoping it becomes a fully-fledged product.

Holly Brockwell