ImmerVision’s 360° camera could change how we create photos #MWC15

ImmerVision took to Mobile World Congress yesterday, to launch 360° panomorph front-facing cameras for smartphones and tablets, that the company claims can radically change how we capture, experience, and share our photos and videos, turning them into fully immersive experiences.

ImmerVision has said that this new technology turns selfies into “groupies” (still just giant selfies) and shake-free video calls on-the-go are now possible without the need for add-ons, image stitching, or panning the camera since everything in sight is captured in full 360.

ImmerVision’s 360° optical and imaging technology is powered by Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 600 and 800 flagship processors, high-sensitivity 5mp sensors from Omnivision, and panomorph lenses from leading smartphone lens-maker, Kolen.

ImmerVision Executive Vice President, Chief Commercial Officer, Alessandro Gasparini said: “Imagine capturing not just a picture or scene, but the actual experience of being there — almost like virtual reality. Then imagine that you can actually interact with that experience, share it, or view it on another tablet, TV, head-mounted display device such as Oculus Rift, or any other viewing platform.”

Today’s mobile technologies are focused on higher megapixels, thinner handsets, and larger displays. ImmerVision is changing everything by making it possible for any manufacturer to integrate an ultra-compact 360° panomorph lens that lets consumers do things they’ve never thought possible, like capturing entire panoramic moments of life identical to the original experience — all with a single click.”

Beyond smartphones and tablets, ImmerVision enables to capture, experience, and share immersive content with any 360° ImmerVision Enables-certified device, such as wearables, drones, sports cams, video surveillance, baby monitoring, automotive, and many others.

This unique 360° video standard is licensed worldwide in a new version named ImmerVision Enables 2.0, which adds image stabilisation as well as embed data along with captured content, such as heart rate, altitude, speed, and temperature and offering compatibility and interoperability between any ImmerVision Enables 360° devices.

Hopefully, the ShinyShiny team down at MWC will be able to get hands-on with ImmerVision during the week.

Hayley Minn