Huawei’s rather stylish new smartwatch #MWC15

With its Moto 360 type styling, the debut smartwatch from Chinese company Huawei looks like a contender.
The company has just confirmed that the Google’s Android Wear watch will be known as the “Huawei Watch”, sport a 1.4-inch screen, and has been given an AMOLED coating surrounded by a luxe stainless steel frame.

Features-wise, it packs a six-axis sensor, heart-rate monitor, 1.2GHz processor, 4GB of storage and 512MB of memory. There are as many as 40 customisable faces to choose from. Just like the Moto 360, and indeed the other Android Wear phones, the watch has a microphone built in so you can bark Google Now voice commands at it. Whether they work or not remains to be seen, as we’ve always struggled with Google voice activation on smartwatches

There’s no details on price but given Huawei’s brand status this could be one of the cheapest Android Wear watches so far.

Ashley Norris