How to shop the 1970s fashion revival, inspired by classic films

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The 70s are back! Again. Here are the key pieces you’ll want this year, and how to wear them like the decade’s greatest screen queens…

The 90s what now? Nope, put away your tattoo choker – we’ve gone back another two decades. Fickle as ever, for 2015 fashion has decided to revisit the decade that taste may have forgotten, but everyone else seems pretty keen to remember.

And while there’s a lot of bad and ugly to choose from, there are also plenty of good ways to incorporate the 70s revival into your wardrobe. We’ve taken inspiration from some of the decade’s classic film heroines to ease ourselves in gently with some of the high street’s most wearable trends.


Wrap dress Taxi Driver collage

For a long time, jersey wrap dresses have been cast out in the fashion wilderness, worn by mums and kindly teachers only. But now the 70s revival is set to rescue them from a fate worse than Trinny and Susannah and put them right back in your wardrobe.

The inspiration is Cybill Shepherd as Betsy in Taxi Driver, she of the perfectly bouncy waved bob (let’s bring that back too please) and iconic Diane Von  Furstenberg wraps. Bonus points for pointy collars, balloon sleeves and platforms.

Geometric pleated wrap dress, £75 from ASOS.


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Love Story turtle neck

Most people remember 70s weepathon Love Story for the nonsensical quote ‘Love means never having to say you’re sorry’, or maybe for Ali MacGraw’s eyebrows – but now it’s time to take a leaf out of its flawless wardrobe too.

A model of studenty chic, Ali’s all cosy cocoon coats, pre-Clueless mini kilts and this season’s biggest knitwear hit, the turtle neck/roll neck/polo neck jumper. Basically if it comes up past your clavicles, it’s a winner.

Grey roll neck jumper, £6 from New Look; rust polo neck jumper, £14 from ASOS; red turtle neck top, £10 from Boohoo.


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Brown fashion and Network stills

‘Yay, brown is in fashion!’ said nobody, ever. But put your reservations aside, because brown is back – and it’s the whole spectrum from camel to chocolate and all that’s in between.

Our idol here is Faye Dunaway in ass-kicking ladyboss mode in Network, wearing a wardrobe almost entirely in shades chosen to match the uber-70s furnishing. She proves that brown can be sexy as well as practical, with pencil skirts, snug little sweaters and a lot of louche, trailing scarves and pussy bow necklines. Mousy hair never looked so good either.

Snake print scarf, £12 from River Island; Embroidered shirt, £39.99 and suede shorts, £69.99 from Zara; Suede A-line skirt, £75 from Topshop


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Mahogany fedora inspiration

It may not be Diana Ross’ most memorable moment, but 1975 rags-to-riches tale Mahogany is enough to start a chain reaction of excellent 70s-inspired hat wearing.

Retire your old straw trilby and pick up a felt fedora this season – with either a big, floppy brim or a smaller, neater one. Peer out beguiling from beneath it at every opportunity. Singing optional.

Oversized felt fedora, £30 from ASOS; Pink feather band fedora, £32 from Topshop.


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The shirt Annie Hall inspiration

You didn’t think we were going to get through this whole round-up without Diane Keaton making an appearance, did you? Annie Hall: check.

It’s not her iconic tie-and-waistcoat combo you’ll be coveting this season though (don’t worry) – no, it’s Annie’s effortless way with a buttoned up shirt. Go all the way with a pair of androgynous slacks, or hit two trends in one by tucking it into an A-line suede skirt. La-di-da.

White striped BDG shirt, £40 from Urban Outfitters; Navy window pane check shirt, £38 from Topshop; Blue geo print shirt, £15 from Joy.




Lauren Bravo