Disco Dog is an LED vest that will make your dog sparkle (and alert others if it gets lost)

Here’s a new Kickstarter campaign for a product aimed at helping your dog if he or she gets lost – and making sure they look like a ‘70s icon in the meantime. Aptly called Disco Dog, it’s an LED- studded vest for dogs of all sizes that will light up your life. (Does using a dachshund model make it all the more appealing? Absolutely.)

It’s controlled by an app (for iOS and Android) which lets you choose the pattern and colours of the LEDs, or you can add text – it could even be used for advertising (just don’t work your poor pooch too hard).

Obviously everyone should always keep their dog on a lead, but on the off-chance he or she accidentally gets away, the vest will automatically display a ‘lost dog’ message when it’s out of smartphone range.

It’s been developed by Party New York, whose previous projects include the Sad Tweets web app to highlight the least-loved messages you’ve ever sent. They’re looking to raise $15,000 for a first run of 80 vests, so if the campaign’s successful, it’ll still be a pretty exclusive wearable. And it looks likely to raise the money: at the time of writing, donors have already pledged $8,266 with 25 days still to go.

Getting your dog in a vest doesn’t come cheap: you’ll need to give $300 (£205) for the small dog model, while medium is $350 (£239) and large $400 (£273). Or you could splash out on a custom made version for $2500 (£1705).

They’ll ship this November to anywhere in the world, but Disco Dog isn’t safe in snow or heavy rain, so there’ll only be about two days of the year when you can confidently use it in the UK. But oh, what sparkling, brilliant days they’ll be.

In the meantime, check it out in action on YouTube.

Diane Shipley