Enjoy unlimited fitness classes in London with the just-launched ClassPass

We’ve been looking jealously across the pond for a while now at ClassPass, an American fitness movement that lets you pay a flat fee every month for unlimited classes at a whole range of studios.

Well, thank the fitness gods, it’s just launched in London and we’re pretty happy about it. ClassPass has more than 25 locations in the US, with more than 2 million (!) fitness classes booked. That’s a whole lot of exercise, and we’re hoping to see even more cities springing up here (no word on that yet).

Can anyone else hear 'Call On Me'?
Can anyone else hear ‘Call On Me’?

In the UK, ClassPass costs £89 a month, which grants you access to unlimited workout classes (yoga, pilates, spinning, strength training, barre fit, martial arts, dance and endless more options) at a staggering 150 studios scattered across the capital. They include the highly-popular Psycle, Frame and BARREtoned. Even better, if you choose to subscribe for 3 months, the price comes down to £69, or £59 for 6 months. That’s about the cost of a normal gym membership in some parts of London (depending on how fancy your postcode is), and considering it’s completely unlimited, seems like excellent value. You could go every day if you wanted to.

So what’s the catch? The only small thing is that you can’t visit the same studio more than 3 times in a month, so no hogging all the Psycle classes. As catches go, that’s fairly minor.

Find out more or sign up at ClassPass London. We’ll see you at the barre!

Holly Brockwell

One thought on “Enjoy unlimited fitness classes in London with the just-launched ClassPass

  • Groupon failed so many restaurants. It nearly killed them. Today restaurants dont use Groupon as they know it hurts them.

    Classpass is the same for exercise studios. It cheapens their service and devalues it to the point of destruction. Is your exercise studio class worth just $10 a class because that is all classpass is gonna give studios.

    Some studio owners are aleady so scared of classpass that they wont speak out against it.

    Nobody signs up for the studios packages once they start using Classpass.

    Classpass is in competition with the studios that it uses.

    Either classpass wont be here in a few years as the exercise studios will wise up and leave classpass or those studios wont be here; already many are closing. $10 a class doesnt cut it even if classpass sends your studio more users.

    It even fails users as they jump around from class to class without making any progress in their health and weight loss.

    classpass is a fail on all counts.

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