Zane Lowe is leaving Radio 1 for Apple, possibly to work on Beats Music

BBC Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe has announced that he will be leaving his job at the radio station in favour of a job that sounds rather exciting. He’s heading over to Apple to work there, and could be playing a hand in the much rumoured revamp of Beats Music.

For the moment we don’t have much information about Lowe’s impending role within Apple, just that it will somehow be related to iTunes and iTunes Radio.

According to Gizmodo UK it’s likely that Lowe will be curating playlists for the company, as well as continuing to produce interviews and music programming content. In this respect he could have an integral role in the development of Beats Music and turning it into a major player in the streaming world.

There are also rumours flying around that Apple is interested in launching its own record label, and since Zane Lowe has been instrumental curing the early careers of many famous musicians including Ed Sheeren, Adele, and the Arctic Monkeys, he would make an invaluable asset to the company.

Lowe’s last show on Radio 1 will be on 5th March, ending a 12 year-long career.

Image credit: BBC Newsbeat

Tom Pritchard