You can use Android Wear with iOS without jailbreaking

When it comes to smartwatches, iPhone users don’t get as much choice compared to Android users. That’s because, regardless of what Google would like, Android Wear is not available to iOS users. But what if I told you there was a way to make that happen? A way that doesn’t involve jailbreaking your phone?

The hack involves the iPhones Notification Service Center, which allows Bluetooth accessories to access notifications generated by iOS devices. That means it can be used to push notifications to your smartwatch from your phone.

The hack was discovered by developer MohammedAG, and while he hasn’t told us how he managed to get the process to work, you can see the Android Wear/iPhone pairing in action in the video below:

Sadly pushing notifications is just about the only connection you can make between Android Wear and iOS. If you’re looking for something with in depth functionality, and can’t wait for the Apple Watch, then you’re better off buying yourself a Pebble. It also has a much better battery life than any Android Wear device, which is invaluable.

It’s not really that useful right now, but maybe there’s a possibility for some sort of cross-platform compatibility in the near future. Provided Apple and Google are willing to play nice, that is.

Tom Pritchard