VLC will be adding Chromecast support soon

Some of you may remember a time before VLC, a time when downloading a video file meant you had to find one that would actually work on one of the many media players you had installed on your computer. VLC changed all that with its universal approach to video playback, and it could be bringing that feature to Google’s Chromecast.

The news comes because someone spotted a little tidbit of information in the changelog of an upcoming version of the software, and it includes a number of exciting features including being able to stream almost every kind of media file from any Android, Mac, Windows 8.1, or Linux device to the Chromecast dongle.

iOS users are not so lucky, since the VLC app is currently not available in the App Store.

There are, of course, a number of different tricks and apps that let you play locally hosted content on a Chromecast, but having VLC would make that process much easier since everything can be played through a single piece of software.

It’s not clear when this version will arrive, but we’re pretty excited. About time, VLC!

Tom Pritchard