Vexbook instantly connects you with experts on almost every topic

The internet has been an invaluable tool for obtaining information, but there are times when you can’t rely on a combination of Wikipedia, Yahoo Answers, and forum posts you found in a desperate Google search. But what about a service that lets you video call experts for a face-to-face consultation? That’s what Vexbook is doing.

Using Skype and Facetime, you can use Vexbook to connect with a massive number of experts and talk about whatever you need to know. It could be about psychology, beekeeping, personal style, or even something as simple as help learning a new language.

Just find the person you want to talk to, and if they’re online you could be talking to them with the click of a button. You can also book appointments, so that you get everything at a time more suited to you.

Vexbook is primarily designed to make sure people get the most out of their consultations. That means all the experts have been identified, referred, or personally interviewed by Vexbook itself. Each expert charges their own individual rates which are clearly displayed on their profile page. Payment is sent via PayPal, credit card, or Bitcoin.

As simple as all that is, the fact that it uses Skype and Facetime, rather than a custom app, you can talk to Vexbook’s experts on the device you feel most comfortable with. In all honesty, it’s never been easier to get help from the professionals.

Tom Pritchard