8 Valentine’s gifts for the cat in your life #LoveWeek

In many ways, cats are the perfect partner. They snuggle up to you every night. They bring you treats. They lick your nose and rub your legs and never insult your mother. Granted, they won’t ask for your paw in marriage, but they will stay by your side through thick and thin, as long as there’s tuna in the can. So spoil your furry little buddy (Ed: We’re still talking about cats, yes?) on February the 14th with this selection of moggy-approved Valentine’s gifts for cats.


A subscription box of paw-picked treats

32bdc1d8a6ad5ca9801eb922084960d8Monthly gift boxes are one of the most popular new business models of the last few years (see our write-up on postal bacon, for instance), so it’s not surprising that there are several cat subscription boxes in the UK to choose from. Our favourites are Purrfectbox and Cat Hampurr, both of which are planning Valentine’s-themed boxes for the fluffy one in your life.

The cutoff date for Cat Hampurr is the 8th of February and Purrfectbox is the 10th, so get ordering if you’d like one in time for the big day.

Cat Hampurr, £19.90 for a one-off box
Purrfectbox, £19.90 per month

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A robotic, self-cleaning litter tray


OK, this is more of a present for you than them. And it’s really, really expensive. But ask yourself – how much would you pay not to scoop poo every day? Exactly.

The Litter Robot plugs into a normal wall socket. You just fill the globe with litter, the cat goes inside as normal and does its bit, then 7 minutes later, the whole thing rotates to sift the used litter into a bag inside the sealed doorstep drawer. At the end of the week, you take the bag out and chuck it away. Easy-peasy. This was the best thing ever when I had two indoor moggies.

Litter Robot, €349 (about £260).

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Da Bird cat toy

51o1kYbhURL._SL1000_ (1)This is the best cat toy, bar none. Da Bird is basically just some feathers on a string on a stick, but that’s also its genius. It flies like a real bird, and drives cats absolutely barmy trying to catch it. Beware, though, you’ll want some refills (there are loads of types): your cat’s going to try to eat it.


When I took one of these as a gift to a friend’s house, she kept it in a drawer when it wasn’t in use (good idea to stop it getting destroyed) and the cat would sit patiently beside the drawer until she caved in. It’s that good.

Da Bird, £7.99, Purrs in Our Hearts

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Hing fish-shaped cat bowl

fish2 bagsiden af fish bowl hooked4pets.dk-p

This adorably cartoony bowl comes in a whole range of colours and has removable metal bowls for easy-peasy cleaning and refilling. Plus, there’s something really amusing about seeing your cat with its face in a giant fish.

£15.99 from Waitrose Pet

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Cat’s Meow motorised cat toy


Designed to look exactly like a mouse scurrying under a blanket, this toy comes highly recommended by multiple cat parents. It’s battery-operated and a tad noisy, but mesmerises moggies to the point that they can’t resist swiping at that elusive ‘tail’. Here’s a video of it in action:

Cat’s Meow undercover mouse toy, £13.99 from Amazon UK

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Catnip bubbles


A low-cost way to have a bit of fun with your pusscat this Valentine’s Day. These bubbles contain pure catnip oil to drive your moggy crazy, but are dye-free so they won’t stain your carpet.

Cosmic Cat catnip bubbles, £3.99 from Fetch

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Hello Kitty Scratchtastic Cardboard Cat Scratcher


Giving your puss somewhere to scratch that’s not your sofa is always a good plan, but unlike many scratching posts and boxes, this one isn’t a brown cardboard lump that’ll look rubbish in your lounge. And as a bonus, it’s got a little sleeping space in the middle and comes with a packet of catnip to get your kitty’s attention.

Hello Kitty cat scratcher, £8.99, PetsPyjamas

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Fluffy I Cat Tree


If you’ve got room in your home for a cat tree (we’ll assume you don’t live in London, then), this is a good choice. For some reason, most cat trees seem to be designed in various unappealing shades of brown, so this creamy climber is an unusually stylish option for a neutrally-decorated home.

It’s got lots of places to climb, scratch and chill, and is covered with supersoft plush to keep your little tiger cuddly-cosy. Cats don’t want flowers this Valentine’s Day – show them your love with a tree.

Fluffy cat tree, £49.90, Zooplus

Holly Brockwell