This is why Tim Cook thinks the Apple Watch will be so successful

Smartwatches haven’t exactly done well since they first started getting released, and some people have questioned whether or not the upcoming Apple Watch will change that. Tim Cook seems to think so, and at a talk at Goldman Sachs he explained why.

Some people, including me, have commented that Apple is rather late to the smartwatch game, especially since the first smartwatches started appearing around two years ago. Tim Cook ease these fears, by reminding people that Apple was also ‘late’ in entering the MP3 player market.

Cook said:

“They weren’t used very much. They were fundamentally too hard to use, and the user interface was really bad. You almost needed a PhD to use these. They weren’t, they’re not memorable. They didn’t really move the dial.”

Cook believes its the same situation with smartwatches, claiming that none of the smartwatches released so far are particularly memorable. Because of this he thinks that the Apple Watch will be the one that will set the bar for the rest of the market because it’s a smartwatch that’s “life changing”

Not if those rumours about the battery life are true, Tim.

You can read the ful transcript of what Tim Cook said at Goldman Sachs over at iMore.

Tom Pritchard

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