Guardian finds use for Google Glass in Watch Me Date #LoveWeek

Seems like The Guardian has found a use for all those old unloved, first generation Google Glasses kicking around. It’s equipped a number of couples with them and sent them off on first dates for us to watch and sneer at online.

Called Watch Me Date, the 5 minute films (one a week) show various couples on a date – gay and straight – a bit like a sort of low budget version of Channel 4’s Peep Show. The results are, to be honest, a bit cringeworthy and awkward, but I guess that’s the point. Each week there’s a different couple. This week it’s Ian and Sarah who work in digital marketing and music PR respectively.

She seems quite nice whereas he comes across as a complete and utter knob. Maybe he’s a nice guy, and was just compensating for nerves (or was very drunk), but he swears far too much and has some bizarre habits like tying up curry leftovers in a black bin bag and leaving them in the toilet so it doesn’t smell of poo. As you do.

Though most of the date is filmed from their points of view via the Google Glass, the footage is also spliced with interviews to camera about what each of them is looking for in a relationship and how they like their perfect partner to dress. So it’s very funny to hear her talk about her love of men in smart Nike or New Balance trainers, only for him to say on the date how he hates wearing trainers unless he’s at the gym. Strangely though Sarah is attracted to Ian and vice versa and even says she would like to meet him for another date. Nowt so queer as folk as my Grandad would say. Nowt so queer as folk.

You can see Ian and Sarah’s date here:

Chris Price