The top 5 Veeemotion videos to check out this week

This is a sponsored post written in collaboration with Veeemotion.

When a new app bursts onto the scene it can be difficult to really get into it, get to know other users and find a reason to stay hooked. But if you’re keen to start using Veeemotion (which we’ve written about a few times here at ShinyShiny), we’re here to help! We’ve collected together our top videos over at the Veeemotion app that you really must check out this week:

1. Snowboarding with a selfie stick

First up from Chiyuen, we have some extreme selfie stick action. This video is made by a snowboarder gliding down a mountain at Tignes in the French Alps, documenting his ride with the gadget of the moment – and who said the self stick is just for stills! Be warned, with the fast-paced skiing, beautiful slopes and beaming sunshine you will let a serious case of holiday envy and wanderlust after watching this one.

Check out the video here:!/channel/17872/video/13001

2. Stunts with a scooter

Next up we’ve got a short but very sweet clip of a guy practising – and totally nailing – a stunt on his scooter. Think you can do better? This could be the start of a very fun stunting competition!

Check out the stunting video here:!/channel/21581/video/15211

3. Ukulele lessons 

Ever fancied learning to play the Ukulele? Well, this awesome teacher is dedicated to helping you become a Uke-playing pro. We couldn’t pick a favourite from her videos, they all feature a lot of easy-to-play Ukulele tracks that are fun and great for beginners.

To learn to play the Ukulele with Veeemotion, check out the videos here:!/station/7427/channel/22047

4. The Apprentice spoof

This video from Hawley Griffin is a spoof of the wannabe type of hyper ambitious, over confident people who apply to be on The Apprentice. The spoof cast manage to pull it off quite spectacularly!

Check out the spoof-prentice here:!/channel/9854/video/7173

5. Dogs being dogs

Veeemotion user Tita records her dogs doing what dogs do best – hanging out and having a great time with their heads stuck out of the car window. A great one for animal lovers!

Get your daily dose of puppy love here:!/channel/22360/video/15771

You can download the Veeemotion app for your iPhone or iPad from the app store for free.

Becca Caddy