The Pixie Point Bluetooth beacon will make sure you never lose anything again

Whether it’s their phone, wallet, keys, or even the TV remote, people are always misplacing their stuff, and trying to find it is a frantic panic until you realise what you were looking for was lying under the sofa the whole time. What if you could use the wonders of technology to stop that panic and find them quickly and easily?

Pixie hopes that you will take advantage of its Point Bluetooth beacons to keep track of all your stuff. Unlike other Bluetooth beacons on the market, Pixie promises that there are no issues with size, range, and accuracy.

The Pixie Point itself is an always-on location tag that works over Bluetooth LE and looks like a blown-up guitar pick. Each one is 3.2mm thick, water resistant, UV coated, accurate to within a foot, and lasts 18 months. Indoor range is 50 metres, and the outdoor range is 150 metres. That range extends if there are multiple beacons in the area because they can communicate with each other as well as with your phone. That means they can create a digital map of where all your stuff is, even if some of it is out of range.

While being accurate to within a foot is great, the Point isn’t your standard beacon that offers directions using the warmer/colder system. Instead the official app uses an augmented reality live-view mode that will show you the location of your beacons by displaying an ‘X’ on screen.

The Pixie Point is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, and you can pre-order a pack of four beacons right now for $39.95 (£26). Don’t expect that price to stick around forever though, once the pre-sale ends the price will go up to $69.95(£46).

Tom Pritchard