New blogging platform Typed – a big hit on Indiegogo

Over the years many companies have tried (and failed) to take on WordPress and Tumblr and produce secure, easy to use, popular blogging platforms. Posterous, which let you post by email, was huge for a while, and I also had a soft spot for Jux which created striking image lead sites. Sadly both are now history

The latest company to have a crack at producing a new blogging platform is Real Mac Software from Brighton who unveiled the other day on Indiegogo. Somebody clearly thinks they are on to something as they bust through the £20k target in a matter of days and are already edging toward three times that figure.

So why another blogging platform? They say there is a need for a sustainable blogging service that is easy to use that both professional bloggers and amateurs can rely on. The key for Typed is longevity. They hope their service will be around for many years to come. Typed also claims that the service is really simple to use and very quick

In terms of features it has pretty much all that you’d expect Tags, Scheduled Publishing, Support for additional pages, Multiple Blogs under one account, Blog Contributors, custom domains and loads more

The platform is slated to go live in April 2015 and it will be fascinating to try it out.

Ashley Norris