LG announces the LG Watch Urbane, a luxury all-metal smartwatch

The smartwatch hasn’t really found its place in the world just yet, but the watches already released certainly aren’t the classiest things in the world. Some companies don’t like that idea, and LG appears to be one of them — hence why it’s announced the luxurious Android Wear-powered LG Watch Urbane.

The Urbane is an all-metal watch, complete with a leather strap that’s “designed for a sophisticated and cosmopolitan wearer” according to LG. The company claims that the watch is the perfect mix of style and ‘hi-tech flare’, promising that the Urbane offer “unparalleled technology and performance.” The specifics of that last part aren’t totally clear at this point, though.

Like the G Watch R that was released last year, the Urbane comes with a round 1.3-inch plastic-OLED display. The only difference is that it has a much thinner bezel for a sleeker appearance. It’s powered by a 1.2GHz Snapdragon 400 processor and a 410 mAh battery, as well as coming with 4GB of storage, 512MB of RAM, and a heart rate monitor.

Lastly, LG says the the Urbane’s thin profile makes it ideal for use by both men and women, though we’ll have to see how that plays out once it’s released.

LG hasn’t released any details on pricing or availability, but it’s more than likely that we’ll be seeing more of the Urbane at MWC at the start of March. Expect more info to arrive around then.

Tom Pritchard