Leaked videos show the HTC One M9 in action

The HTC One M9 is due to be announced at MWC on Sunday, so as you might expect the rumour mill is working its hardest to make sure we know everything ahead of time. Now it seems prominent leaker @upleaks  has come across something very special: three videos showing the One M9 in action.

First up is the intro video that shows off various bits and pieces about the device. Just as the renders from Monday promised, the overall design of the phone hasn’t changed that much. The camera is rather different, though, but more on that later.

If the word ‘Themes’ in that video caught your interest, you’re in luck because that’s what the second video is all about. It’s a new personalisation tool that lets you set the theme for your device. Handy, and self explanatory.

Finally we have some focus on the camera. HTC has ditched the main Ultrapixel camera in favour of a regular ol’ 13MP. In typical HTC style, there are also plenty of editing tools bundled up with the One M9 as well.

I very much doubt that these videos are elaborate fakes, simply because they’re far too polished to be anything but official promotional material. A random troll on the net couldn’t possibly have the money or resources to put the videos together in such a neat and tidy fashion.

According to Slashgear, @upleaks has taken the videos down because a ‘friend’ told him that it was ‘too dangerous’ to keep them up there. That sounds like someone doesn’t want the videos online just yet. Too bad they’ve already been published elsewhere.

Hopefully we’ll see more like this at MWC on Sunday.

Tom Pritchard

One thought on “Leaked videos show the HTC One M9 in action

  • Sooo…. Looks like the exciting thing is 3-finger swipe? Other things can be done with automation software, good headphones (even cheap ones will sound better than those small speakers) and…any other phone coming out this year with a good camera (which means not iPhone). Oh yeah, I forgot the supreme “build quality!” Yup…that’s definitely exciting. I’ll spend hours with that phone face-down on the table, just gaaaazing at the back. I don’t get the wow factor other people get from these phones.

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