Jawbone Up3 release date delayed amidst financial rumours

When Jawbone lifted the lid on its next generation fitness tracker back in November 2014, the Jawbone Up 3, many wearable fans were excited that the new device could well be one of the most advanced – not to mention good-looking – gadgets we’ve seen to date. Fast-forward to February 2015 and it looks like the wearable tech pioneers may have reached a bit of a stumbling block, because the Jawbone Up 3 was promised to land last winter, and well, there’s still no sight of them.

In the US pre-orders first opened at the beginning of November and keen Jawbone fans were told they may only have to wait six to seven weeks for the wearable. But alas, there were no sparkly new wearables arriving on anyone’s doorsteps in time for the new year. The Jawbone website now states it’ll be ten to eleven weeks before delivery, but we’re not holding our breath…

Wareable reportedly spoke with the Jawbone team and was told that the Jawbone team is ‘very sorry about the delay’ and explains it’s down to the fact they’ve been ‘fine-tuning the manufacturing process to make sure we deliver a perfect product.’

The delay comes at a worrying time for Jawbone. Only a few weeks ago the business press picked up on news of the wearable company’s financial worries. According to the International Business Times, Jawbone was described as ‘perilous and currently insufficient to pay its debts’ in a recent lawsuit filed by contract manufacturer Flextronics.

Fingers crossed the financial rumours are ironing themselves out and we’ll all have Jawbone Up 3s strapped to us in a matter of months, because we were REALLY excited about this new launch and would hate to see one of the most ambitious tech companies around at the moment cave to mounting financial and market share pressure.

Becca Caddy

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