iPin turns your phone into the ultimate presentation tool

Normally when you have to do a big presentation you have to carry a bunch of equipment to make sure you can get everything right. Typically that’s a set of notes, a computer or USB stick, a remote, and a laser pointer. You may not have to do that anymore because, as is the way these days, your smartphone will do it for you.

All you need is the iPin, a device that turns your smartphone into a laser pointer and a presentation remote. Users will be able to control their slides on the phones screen, and the device itself will function as a laser pointer.

iOS users will be able to plug the iPin directly into their device’s headphone jack, while Android users will have to plug it into their micro USB port. The actual presentation control is done thanks to an app on both systems, letting users flick through their presentation, set countdown timers, control the onscreen cursor, and mirror the screen onto multiple other devices.

Also available is the BTtogo dongle which lets you show off your presentation on any Mac or PC without having to install extra software or go through the process of connecting to the machine via Wi-Fi.

The iPin has currently surpassed its $10,000 goal on Indiegogo, and you can get one of your own by pledging and furthering the campaign. iOS users can get an iPin on its own for $55 (£36), or an iPin and BTtogo for $75 (£49). Android users can get the iPin for $40 (£26), or the iPin and BTtogo for $65 (£43). All devices are expected to ship next month.

Tom Pritchard