Introji is new emoji for introverts

Despite what some joyless grumps might say, emoji are great/essential. Sure, they don’t have everything (like diversity) but they save a lot of time and energy. I mean, just think how long it would take to say what a smiling poo or dancing twins in a leotard can express with one quick tap. But there are still a few situations that are harder to sum up.

Designer Rebecca Lynch is an introvert, and felt that she couldn’t always find an image that reflected how she was feeling. So she’s invented ‘introji’. That’s emoji for introverts, naturally. As she told the Guardian, she was inspired by a break-up where her ex-boyfriend didn’t understand her need for time alone.

The idea of introji is to communicate some of the common feelings introverts have, while making it clear that they still like you. Images include one depicting social anxiety (a group of people on one side of a door, with a worried face on the other) and one with a figure reading a book while holding hands with someone on their computer (AKA:living the dream).

She initially posted them on her Facebook page and they’ve so captured the imagination of fellow introverts that she’s working on turning them into an app for Android and iOS. In the meantime, you can add feedback for situations you’d like the introji to express, or other improvements you’d like to make, via the Facebook page.

Diane Shipley