Google could be launching its own ride-sharing app

There are so many ride-sharing apps around these days, and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with which one is which. There might be another one to add to that list soon, because apparently Google is planning on launching a ride-sharing app of its own.

According to Bloomberg the tech giant has been working on the service in conjunction with its research into driverless cars. There’s no info on when it will likely arrive, but its at the stage where David Drummond, Google’s chief legal officer and Uber board member, has informed Uber that the service could be launching soon.

CNET points out that if this is true it’s likely to be a surprise for Uber, because Google is one of its biggest investors and it relies on Google Maps to operate. Whether it would rely on Google’s driverless cars in the future is unclear, but a different report claims Uber is working on driverless cars of its own.

Apparently both Google and Uber refused to comment on the matter. But who knows, maybe we’ll be seeing Google-run driverless taxi within the next couple of years?

Tom Pritchard