Google Glass 2 may already be in the hands of developers

The original version of Google Glass is hardly what you’d call a success, and since Google shut down the Explorer Programme we’ve been hearing bits and pieces about the future of the device. The development cycle could be further along than we realised, because apparently a prototype is already in the hands of developers.

According to 9to5Google, several of Google’s Glass at Work partners have been given access to a ‘very early version’ of Google Glass 2.0. In fact the site claims they’ve had access to the device since last October.

Sadly since select developers have had access to the device for so long, it is more than likely that the current prototype will not be a direct precursor to whatever Google is going to release in the future. This device was probably designed to be a successor to the now-defunct Explorer Edition of Google Glass, created before Google announced that it was ‘resetting’ its strategy for the headset.

But either way, having this prototype in the hands of developers could still prove useful to Google’s wearable ambitions. It’s clear that Google is having problems wit the device, and having insight from third parties will be invaluable in helping it make a version of Google Glass that people actually want to go out and buy.


Tom Pritchard