Chrome is adding extra security to stop you downloading malware

It doesn’t matter what devices you use, there is always that looming threat that someone will find an exploit to infect your computer with malware programmed to carry out their own nefarious deeds. That’s why Google is upping Chrome’s security game to make sure you don’t accidentally download any malware through your browser.

A new system that is being put into place adds an extra bit of security to Chrome’s malware warning. Rather than waiting until you actually try and view a specific webpage before showing a warning, the new system will flash up the warning (that looks like the above image) before you even get there.

This new change also incorporates signals that identifies malevolent websites, meaning that you’re far less likely to find them in Google search results. Let’s be honest, that’s where most of us are likely to find unfamiliar websites anyway. It’s also beneficial for people who use a browser other than Chrome.

Its unlikely that the new system is completely foolproof, but it’s always a good idea to have plenty of protection against malware — especially if you’re likely to unknowingly download it onto your computer.

You can download the latest version of Chrome from Google’s website.

Tom Pritchard