Chordana Composer turns your whistling into full-blown songs

Music creation has never been easier thanks to the wonders of mobile apps, and Chordana Composer, an iOS new app from Casio, is set to make it easier than ever before.

The app listens to you as you whistle a tune, and using two measly bars of music it’s able to construct a full-length song. Once the app captures the tune you can select one of five genres and three melodic settings to alter the final piece, before hitting auto-compose and letting the app do its work.

This means anyone can create their own full-length music without any musical knowledge or ability. Pretty great isn’t it?

If that’s a bit simplistic for you then Chordana does let you alter the final result using a built-in keyboard, notation tools, and MIDI compatibility. It’s not going to turn you into a modern day Mozart, but it’s certainly better than not being able to create music at all.

You can download Chordana Composer from iTunes for £2.29.

Tom Pritchard