12 accessories to make the most of your Samsung Galaxy S5

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We brought you 12 accessories for the iPhone 6 last week, but we’re not leaving you Android fans out. We’ve found 12 of the best accessories to make the most of your Samsung Galaxy S5.

From chargers to cases to smartwatches, there’s something for everyone on this list, because having a smartphone isn’t just about being able to make calls and texts.

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1) Muji Fairisle Touchscreen Gloves

We tried five pairs of touchscreen gloves, back in December, and these were our favourites. They were comfortable, warm and worked well – everything you need from a pair of touchscreen gloves.

These touchscreen gloves are available to buy from Muji for £9.95.

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2) Patrona Silver Heritage Connector Case

If you want to show off your Samsung Galaxy S5, but want some protection too, these Patrona cases are perfect. They connect to the back of your phone via a magnet, and look really gorgeous with their snakeskin design. They also have space for four cards, and come in four different colours.

This case is available to buy from Case Hut for £80.

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3) Proporta Selfie Stick

The selfie stick is the height of narcissism, but we don’t care. This one, from Proporta, will fit your Samsung Galaxy S5 perfectly, and comes with a little Bluetooth remote.

This selfie stick is available to buy from Proporta for £9.95.

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EP-PG900IBUSTA_00_6004) Samsung Wireless Charging Pad

If you can’t be bothered with cables, this wireless charging pad is perfect. You just plug the pad in, drop your Samsung Galaxy S5 on it, and voila!

This wireless charging pad is available to buy from the Samsung website for $49.99.

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5) Official Samsung Extra Battery Kit

This is perfect for when you’re at a festival, and therefore unable to charge your phone. You’ll be able to go from 0 to 100% just by changing over the extra battery you’re carrying around with you – something that iPhone users are unable to do!

The extra battery kit is available to buy from Currys for £29.97.

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6) PlusUs LifeLink

This tiny charger works exactly the same way as a normal Samsung Galaxy S5 charger, but is much smaller, and easy to carry around with you everywhere.

The LifeLink is available to buy from PlusUs for $29.95 (£19.34).

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7) Braven Lux

Braven has just released these gorgeous new Bluetooth speakers, which are perfect for carrying around to make sure your music is always being played out of something stylish. While we haven’t heard what the sound quality of these speakers is like, we’re pretty sure they’ll be good, being Braven and all. The Lux is also waterproof, and can charge your phone too!

The Lux can be bought from the Braven website for £89.99.

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8) POP Desk

If you want to look more professional while on the phone at work, the POP Desk can help you. Just plug in your Samsung Galaxy S5 and use the handset to look like an absolute pro.

The POP Desk is available to buy from Native Union for £39.99.

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9) Samsung Gear 2

The Samsung Gear 2 allows you to see calls and texts from your watch, as well as track your heart rate, stress levels, sleep and activity throughout the day.

The Gear 2 is available to buy from Amazon for £236.43.

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10) 360 Grip Car Mount Holder

Using your phone as sat-nav is annoying (and dangerous) when you don’t have a car mount. Make sure you don’t keep having to look down every five minutes while driving by getting this one from Osomount.

The car mount is available from Osomount for £19.99.

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11) Smartphone Armband

For the runners among us, this armband is so handy. Holding your phone and running in order to listen to music just isn’t cute. Plus, there’s every chance your phone will shoot out your hand and smash.

This armband is available to buy from Proporta for £19.99.

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12) Shocksock Water-Resistant Bike Case

For cyclists, this case is so handy for using it as sat-nav, or listening to music. Plus, it’s waterproof, and, in England, we really need that!

This bike case is available to buy from Case Hut for £14.



Hayley Minn