Windows Phones might be able to run Android apps in the future

One of the major issues with Windows Phone is that it doesn’t have much support from apps developers, meaning Windows Phone users suffer and have to rely on third party ports to make the most out of their phone. According to a new report, Microsoft may solve that problem by making Windows Phones compatible with Android.

According to The Information, a Microsoft employee has come forward and said that the company is actively discussing allowing Android apps to run alongside native Windows Phone apps.

This could be a helpful solution to solving the problem of developer support, and it’s one BlackBerry has already implemented. It would allow existing Windows Phone users to access a much wider range of apps, and it would mean Android users can switch platform without losing access to their favourite apps.

The inherent problem with this idea is that, as it stands, there is no incentive for apps developers to create apps specifically for Windows Phone, which could be disastrous for the Windows Phone Store. But from a user perspective it’s all good, and isn’t that what really counts?

We’ll let you know if this rumour ever gets confirmed by Microsoft.

Tom Pritchard