Will Bethenny Frankel really make ‘Skinnygirl Marijuana?’

You can’t accuse former Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel of letting business opportunities pass her by. Having created a successful brand with her ‘Skinnygirl’ range – because how can you enjoy yourself knowing your favourite cocktail has more than 1 calorie? – according to Us magazine, she’s now turned her attention to another intoxicating substance: marijuana.

Use of the drug is increasingly becoming decriminalised because governments know a good deal when they see one, too: marijuana’s forecast to bring in $10 billion to the U.S economy by 2018.

In some areas, it’s only available for medical use (although regulation can be lax), in others (Colorado, Washington state, Alaska, Oregon) people can use it recreationally, too. And those are the markets Bethenny would be targeting. In keeping with her brand, she apparently wants to create ‘Skinnygirl Marijuana’, a strain of pot that won’t give users the munchies. She visited the Green Dragon dispensary in Aspen over the Christmas break to get a feel for what’s already out there, tweeting about how strange it was to see customers browsing a pot shop ‘like it’s The Gap’.

But while Gap has skinny jeans, dispensaries don’t have skinny marijuanas. Yet. Whether they want them remains to be seen. I guess there must be stoners who want to relax without the hunger pangs, but there must be many others who welcome the excuse to eat what they want. (Just like snacking standing up, no calories consumed while high actually count, right?)

By United States Fish and Wildlife Service via Wikimedia Commons.

Diane Shipley