Weevmee creates colourful unique art from your Instagram feed

Over the years we’ve come across so many different companies dedicated to transforming your Instagram snaps into, well, pretty much anything. Marshmallows? Check. Cushions? Check. Think of any product and there’s likely to be someone pasting (or digitally printing, or whatever) an Instagram photo to it right now.

Weevmee is no exception, promising to turn your Instagram into a piece of art. According to PSFK, the catch is that the app combines more than one photo, often hundreds, all from a user’s feed or from a specific hashtag. The result is a pretty chaotic, but also interesting and (maybe) pretty totally one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Created by design agency HUSH, Weevmee’s software crops images into one long thread and then loops them all together into the unusual ‘weave’ shape you can see above. The more images, the tighter the finished weave and the more colours you’ll see at the end.

‘But… but why?’ we hear you cry. Well, if the creations don’t appeal to you as they are in a kooky modern art kinda way, then according to HUSH, the app was built in order to cram all of the Instagram memories of one year into just one piece of art. So it’s like a really crazy photo album keepsake thingie. The idea of collecting memories together could be taken further in the future, there are plans to create images based on geolocation or specific events, so I imagine people might want a ‘wedding weevmee’ or to see what the weave of a particularly popular tourist spot might look like.

Take a look at the Weevmee gallery for a sneak peek into other people’s Instagram mash-ups or make one of your own – it’s totally free to make one and I’m sat rather excitedly awaiting mine…

Do you like your Instagram photos turned into other things? Or are you happy with them just how they are? Meet us in the comments below!

Becca Caddy