Twitter now has group messaging and Vine-style video sharing

Twitter has announced the introduction of  two new brand new features which will be rolling out from today. Group messaging, which means that the normally public forum becoming a little bit more private, and video sharing.

Anyone who’s used Twitter will know that the messaging aspect has been a bit lacking. Now you can message up to 20 people at once, and you don’t need to be following each other to do so. Everything is private, and only visible to the people actually present in the thread.

It’s clearly a response to popular services like WhatsApp, albeit arriving a little bit late. Twitter users won’t notice any difference in terms of functionality, just that they can send now send messages to multiple people at the same time.

Video sharing is more similar to Vine, just built straight into the core Twitter experience. You can record, edit, and share up to 30 seconds of video, as well as being able to paste together multiple clips into one single mini-movie.

iOS users will also be able to import videos directly from their phone, and Twitter has promised that this feature will be heading to Android soon.

Both features start rolling out today, and should be available to all users relatively soon.

Tom Pritchard