Soon you might be able to report crimes online

For many years the easiest way to report crime has been to phone the police and speak to someone. But that can be a bit of a hassle since you actually have to find the right phone number for your local police station. Thanks to the magic of the internet that might be about to change.

Home Secretary Theresa May has just announced plans to let people report crimes online, and according to the announcement, The Home Office is working with police in Surrey and Sussex to develop the new system.

The purpose is to give people an easy way to report crime, in such a way that reduces the workload of police forces. That’s not to say that these systems will be unmanned, but May claims that it will save 180,000 officer hours, and £3.7 million, every year.

Presumably this would make it easier, and less intimidating to actually report a crime, as well as streamlining the whole process. May says a prototype is in development, so lets hope its usable because this does sound like a fantastic idea.

Featured Image: ukhomeoffice via Flickr

Tom Pritchard