The SONICable promises to charge your phone faster than ever before

We all love our phones, and while we do everything within our power to make sure they don’t die on us we still have to face the inevitable recharging sessions. But what if you could recharge your phone a lot more quickly?

That’s the idea behind SONICable, and its designers promise that it will be able to charge your phone in half the time of a regular USB cable. This is done by using a special switch that can be turned on to ensure the cable ignores all data sync functionality, allowing it to charge your device at the maximum power.

If that wasn’t enough, SONICable is designed to be durable, utilising aluminium connectors (Lightning and microUSB) to prevent cracking, as well as nylon casing to protect the cable and prevent tangling. it also comes with a reversible USB port, so you don’t have to fiddle around to make sure the connector is the right way up.

Fast charging in phones is nothing new, but phones like the iPhone 6, the Galaxy Note 4 primarily rely on hardware to make it happen. Having a cable deal with all that means you can theoretically charge any device a lot faster than before.

SONICable is currently on Indiegogo, and has passed its funding goal with another 40 days left on the clock. If you want one for yourself, you just have to head over, pledge $33 (£22), and wait until March for it to arrive.

Tom Pritchard