Samsung could be developing a round smartwatch

You have to give Samsung some credit when it comes to smartwatches. Their offerings may not sell particularly well, yet they still keep getting released on a fairly regular basis. Now rumour has it Samsung will finally be ditching the rectangular watchface that’s it’s used up to now.

According to SamMobileSamsung will be revealing a round-faced smartwatch at the Mobile World Congress in March. Apparently it’s called the RM-R720, but is codenamed ‘Orbis’. Given the success of other round watches like the Moto 360 and the impending launch of the Apple Watch, Samsung certainly needs something to keep itself in the smartwatch business. A round smartwatch might be what it needs.

There isn’t much else we know about the Orbis right now, just that it will likely run on Samsung’s Tizen OS. Of course it will need to be altered slightly for the interface to match the new round face.

It makes some sense that Samsung wouldn’t announce the new device at CES, given all the other wearables on display. We’ll let you know if anymore information becomes available.

Tom Pritchard

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