The Rise & Shine iPhone alarm won’t switch off until you smile

Let face it, nobody likes getting up in the morning, especially on a Monday. For some people that ends up with them setting multiple alarms or hitting the snooze button too many times, and Rise & Shine is determined to put a stop to that.

The app will use an iPhone’s camera to determine whether or not you’re smiling when you switch off your alarm, and until you do the annoying wake-up sound isn’t going anywhere. That’s certainly one interesting way to make sure you’re awake.

Rise & Shine also saves the pictures of your early morning grins, allowing you to go back and either reminisce or share them with your friends. Because that’s exactly what you need, a collection of bleary eyed smiles when you’re looking nowhere near your best.

The app developers claim that the purpose is to help you wake up with a smile everyday, which should stop you from getting stressed out. Plus, I imagine it’s rather difficult to force yourself to smile until you’ve completely woken up.

Download it from the App Store here.

Tom Pritchard