The Remix ultra-tablet runs Android, but looks like a Surface

Tablets were once touted as the device that would make the laptop obsolete, but that never happened. Perhaps it was because the tablet OSs wasn’t really suited to usurping the likes of Windows and OSX. But what if you had a mobile OS that looked and behaved like something you’d find on a desktop?

I’m not talking about Windows RT, which is basically a stripped down version of Windows 8, what if you could have an Android tablet that behaved like a proper laptop? That’s what the Remix utra-tablet is. It’s an Android hybrid running a custom interface that looks very similar to a regular desktop OS. Oh and comes with a magnetic keyboard, and a kickstand. In fact it looks an awful lot like a Surface tablet.

But if you’re looking for the most laptop-like dedicated tablet, the Surface has probably the best options available right now thanks to its design. When you think about it that way it’s actually a surprise it took this long for a tablet to pop up with a remarkably similar design.

At least the design of Remix ultra-tablet isn’t the only good thing about it. It comes packing a NVIDIA Tegra processor, 2GB of RAM, an 11.6-inch 1080p display, an 8,100 mAh battery, microSD expansion, and runs on a custom version of Android KitKat (a Lollipop update is apparently on the way). The customisation won’t be a bad thing either, and it’ll still have full integration with Google Play and all of its apps.

Two models will be available, one with 16GB of storage for $349 (£230), and the other with 64GB for $449 (£296). That’s an awful lot cheaper than a lot of other hybrids currently available.

UK pricing or availability has yet to be confirmed, but we’ll update you when we have any more information.

Tom Pritchard