Pluggage is a smart luggage prototype designed to make travel easier

Nobody likes travelling, and one of the worst parts about it is sorting out your luggage before you go. The idea of smart luggage has been popping up on crowdfunding sites for some time now, and French luggage company Delsey has got in on that action with its new smart luggage prototype.

It’s called Pluggage, and it comes with a bunch of features that could make travelling that much easier. The great thing is that because its still in the prototype stage, Delsey is willing to listen to customers’ ideas on what they want to see included.

The current model is a traditional wheeled suitcase that is capable of charging and connecting with your smart devices. Connecting the suitcase to your phone allows you to estimate the weight of the suitcase without scales (saving you any pesky baggage fees), as well as fingerprint locking, a lock check that let you know if your suitcase was opened after you checked it in, and a feature that less you know when your luggage is on board your plane.

Those are all incredibly useful features, especially the biometric security. But Pluggage also comes with a few less important things as well like built-in speakers and an inner light, neither of which are particularly essential.

Obviously this is just a prototype, and despite the fact Delsey is asking customer what they want to see there’s no confirmation that any of these features will make it into the final product. Then again, it only needs one of them to make it a worthy consideration for your next suitcase.

Tom Pritchard

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  • A Feature that lets you know that your luggage is located in, for example Adelaide, when you have just landed in New York.

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