Mouse-Box is a mouse that houses an entire computer

There was a time when computers were so large a single machine was bigger than your average student flat. Nobody back then really figured computers would be small enough for consumers, let alone so compact you can fit one inside a standard sized mouse.

But that’s what we’ve got now. It’s called the Mouse-Box, and while it’s currently only a proof-of-concept it’s a computer mouse that also functions as a fully-fledged PC. All you have to do is plug it into a monitor and you’re all set.

Inside the case you’ll find a quad-core 1.4GHz ARM Cortex CPU, a Wi-Fi module, 128GB of storage, two USB 3.0 connections, motion sensors, microHDMI output, and a wireless charging-enabled battery. That last one is important, because it means that you could have an inductive charging mouse mat and ensure that it never runs out of power.

Effectively the Mouse-Box is the world’s most portable computer, and one that you can plug into any HDMI-enabled display — be it in an internet cafe, at work, or wherever you might find yourself. As you would expect it can be used just as a regular mouse, as well as for transfering files from one place to another.

You can’t buy one yet since the Mouse-Box currently only exists as a prototype. That being said, now that it does exist you can be sure that other companies will be watching and taking notes. Who knows, maybe in a few years time we’ll be seeing a whole range of similar devices on sale.

Tom Pritchard