Kisha is putting an end to lost and forgotten umbrellas

It’s incredibly easy to leave your umbrella lying around somewhere, especially if the weather improves and you forget that you left the house with it. They’re not expensive to replace, but it’s still annoying and that’s why the Kisha Umbrella is going to make sure you never forget it.

The Kisha Umbrella is a smart Bluetooth-enabled umbrella that connects to an app on your phone. That means whenever you’re about to leave your umbrella behind, it’ll alert you when you get out of range. Provided you don’t leave the umbrella on public transport, that should allow you to rectify your mistake and head back to retrieve it.

Kisha claims that the umbrella 100 per cent wind and corrosion proof, and the accompanying smartphone app also has a built-in weather forecast so that you know exactly when you actually need your umbrella.

At £39 Kisha is certainly a lot more expensive than your average umbrella, but it does have a three year warranty, free shipping, and measures to prevent you leaving it lying around. With that in mind, £39 doesn’t seem that bad — especially if you have a tendency to leave your umbrella in strange places.

Tom Pritchard