Google wants you to buy gig tickets from the search results page

All sorts of things are popping up in Google search results page these days, whether it be weather forecasts, sports results, or facts about your favourite films. Google isn’t stopping that feature with trivia and news, because it’s going to start selling you tickets directly from the search results.

For the past year, Google’s ‘answer cards’ that live at the top of the search page have been showing off events detailing the times and locations. The new change is minor, but it means those cards will now have an option letting users one-click purchase tickets to any event they happen to be searching for.

The majority of big ticket sellers are included, as are independent events that do not sell tickets through the big name websites. That last part is important, because it means you’ll be able to clearly see which places are selling tickets — meaning you’re not just stuck with ordering from Ticketmaster because you remembered the name.

It’s not a big update, but it could be incredibly useful if you’re the type that spends their weekends hopping from gig to gig. Who doesn’t want a hassle free way to find and purchase their tickets anyway? Let’s just hope it manages to do away with those extortionate fees that companies love to slap onto ticket purchases.

Tom Pritchard