eSight glasses helped a blind woman see her newborn son

Kathy Beitz has been legally blind since she was a child, and while she has managed to live her life to the fullest she didn’t feel it was right that she wouldn’t be able to see her newborn baby. Thankfully she was lent a pair of eSight glasses that let her see that priceless moment.

eSight is a pair of glasses designed for people with low vision, capturing images and video and presenting it in real time with enhancements that allow the eye to perceive more than it is normally able to. After seeing her son for the first time Kathy realised that she didn’t want to just see her son the once, she wanted to see every special moment in his life.

Kathy now uses the glasses to care for her son, and told CBS that she would never forget seeing him for the very first time:

“I remember his little mouth and his gums and his itsy bitsy tongue when he would cry.”

#MakeBlindnessHistory is currently working to make sure every blind person is able to have a pair of eSight glasses of their own, the problem is that they cost $15,000 (£9,950) each. The organisation currently helps blind people raise the money to pay for a pair of glasses of their own, and if you’d like to help out they are willing to take donations — no matter how small.

Tom Pritchard