CES 2015: The Veta case could save your life, if you carry an EpiPen

While most of the tech at CES is just incredibly cool, it’s sometimes more interesting to hear about a development that can actually save lives. The Veta case, designed for EpiPens is one of these.

Anyone who has a severe allergy will carry an EpiPen with them at all times, in order to inject themselves with epinephrine to save their lives. This is all pretty amazing in itself, but now, the Veta case can automatically alert your family and friends to tell them you’re having an allergy attack. Even more life-saving!

Unveiled at CES, the Veta case is designed to replace the cases that EpiPens are carried and stored in, introducing both Bluetooth and a small assortment of sensors. When connected to a smartphone, the Veta will automatically communicate to an accompanying app when the case has been opened, and the app will then alert whoever the user wants to be notified that the EpiPen has been used.

What’s even more impressive about the Veta case is that, when opened, it can issue audible alerts and instructions to assist strangers, or those not familiar with how to use an EpiPen, on how to administer the medication. The case even incorporates a sensor to measure extreme changes in the EpiPen’s temperature which could compromise the effectiveness of the epinephrine, and then alerts the user via their smartphone that they might need to replace it.

At $59 (£39), the Veta case isn’t cheap, but if you carry an EpiPen, we’d really recommend this, as you can’t put a price on a life. It can be pre-ordered from the Aterica website.

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Hayley Minn